Are you ready for another adventure in the Jungle?


Sydney Production company Ambience Entertainment are excited to announce a fourth Series of Jay's Jungle. Jay and the team- consisting of Jay's mischievous monkey mates, Funk-E, Jess-E and Leonard as well as the fun loving park rangers, Tash and Lani are back. They cannot wait for all their Jungle Crew to help them make new discoveries and have lots of fun on the island.

Jay's Jungle is a pre-school series that follows the adventures of Jay the lighthouse keeper. Everyday the wise and funny C-Mor shines his magical light across the world, searching for thoughts and questions to be explored. When C-Mor's light lands on an imaginative child the adventures begin. If you ask a question together we will find the answers.

Each episode of the brand new series focuses on exploring the thoughts that children have about their world. Jay's Jungle Series four explores everything from 'Why is burping rude?', 'Why do I get sick?', 'Why can't I do grown up things?', to 'Why does a snowman melt?'. These thoughts and questions call upon explanations that are simple to understand and that all children can relate to.

Jay's Jungle Series four will captivate and inspire young minds through song and dance. At the end of every episode, Jay and the Jungle Crew have laughed, played and learnt so much about the world around them.

JUNGLE CREW.... the brand new series will be airing from the 5th of March on Channel Seven's Network, 7TWO.

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